Surprising harmonies

Everything must be in harmony in our bedrooms: colours, fabrics, finishes and lighting. Here, in Roman bedrooms, beauty must be functional and relaxing at the same time; the style must be at once welcoming and surprising. This is the interpretative philosophy of our design for your restful moments.




Design in the Roman sleeping area is at its best with beds. These absolute protagonists of the sleeping environment envelop the guest in a precious embrace thanks to the choice of refined fabrics that aim to emphasise the most intimate moments of the day with elegance and class.

Chests of drawers and bedside tables

Natural complements that enrich the Roman nighttime proposal of essential elements such as chests of drawers and bedside tables. The combination of the choice of materials and the design that supports and accompanies the style of the beds tells us how important it is for us to create co-ordinated, interchangeable elements within our sleeping areas.



The area of “beauty” by definition, Roman’s bathrooms are the result of our designers’ experimentation through the combination of precious features and materials. Complements with a feminine and delicate touch, but also innovative and often unexpected geometries. Here, the integration of precious metals and fine wood find their perfect match in style and personality.

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