Roberto Provasi.

Roberto has always been a connoisseur and ambassador of Italian style, and in all his projects he passionately and vivaciously conveys the founding values of beauty and refinement. An unmistakable style that traces the highest values of attention to detail and advanced technical functionality. Roberto Provasi's research transcends times and fashions to be a lasting message of style.

Roberto Provasi

Longoni Manuela

Manuela Longoni, a unique director

After graduating from the School of Art in Cantù, Manuela spent the years following her diploma gaining experience in architectural studios and design offices within companies in the furniture and furnishing sector. Personal reasons then prompted her to join the family business (food sector).

During those years, Manuela also gained experience in the administrative/commercial field. Now, after starting a family (two now independent children) she is back in the game, returning to her former love: design. She designed a collection of high-end furniture for the luxury market and, spurred on by her husband (Roberto Provasi), set up ROMAN&CO. srl. (ROberto and MANuela).