Our Projects

Everything is customisable, as only a high-end sartorial suit can be: the greater the tailoring, the greater the exclusivity of your environment. Our designers design in close collaboration with highly specialised craftsmen. Only with a very high degree of technical craftsmanship can the standard levels be reached that make a piece of furniture or a design into a Roman product.



Villa Vlad, Moscow

The design of this villa was a very interesting challenge for us. Located about 200 kilometres from Moscow, it is a residence completely surrounded by forests. The request from the Russian businessman who owns it was very clear: his wish was to see an interior design that completely harmonises with its natural surroundings and at the same time manages to convey class and elegance.

Showroom, Moscow

For us at Roman, even designing a showroom is a matter of research and great commitment. Our furniture must fit perfectly into the overall style of the location; like the villas we design, the showrooms also have their own special character, which must enhance and highlight the fine finishes of our furnishings. From the living area to the sleeping area everything for us at Roman is unique, and each project must completely reflect our passion
for style.