Our Vision of timeless style

The Roman collection stems from a vision of beauty linked to timeless style and quality, inspired by a strength that seems to have no form, but which spans the centuries of 'Made in Italy' design taste. Our love for design and the craftsmanship of the Italian Masters in this manufacturing combine to create a unique collection that is as contemporary as it is innovative. The founding values of Roman's style are expressed in each of our products, from the choice of materials to the quality of the fine finishes, and through the unmistakable mark of our design.


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Our company has been in the furniture and interior design business for a long time. The experience we have acquired over the decades in the luxury sector allows us to tackle all kinds of projects and customer requirements, even the most complex ones. For us, tradition and innovation have always been fundamental.

Like a tailor-made project, our approach to design is one of care and attention, research and precious details. All Roman products embrace this philosophy; the end result is the sum of all our professionalism and passion placed at the service of the authentic ‘Made In Italy’ concept.